Join us for this webinar to find out how we managed to apply the DMDUX Framework on an MDG-M implementation.

Details zur Veranstaltung

  • Termin: 01. Mrz 2018, 10:00 bis 11:00 Uhr
  • Art der Veranstaltung:
  • Veranstalter: IBsolution Bulgaria
  • Trainer: Todor Petrov

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SAP MDG has established itself as a key solution for mid- to large enterprises when it comes to solving master data issues. The product is a key enabler of the digital transformation journey by providing the structure to enforce governance processes, data standardization and authorization, while allowing the flexibility needed to meet the requirements of various business units, groups, and users. Being part of SAP portfolio for quite some time, still some of technical components are solely based on RFC calls and Web Dynpro user interfaces, whereas highly demanding business reality appeals for flexible, stable, high-performing and rich user experience.

This is where our Dynamic Master Data UX Framework comes into the picture. It solves the above problem not only for new implementations, but also for existing ones. The new approach relies on modern technologies like ODATA and SAPUI5 and follows all the latest Fiori guidelines, delivering delightful end-user experience and boosting operational throughput.

Join us for this webinar to find out how we managed to apply the DMDUX Framework on an MDG-M implementation and how it contributed to achieving the business and IT goals of the project.

This webinar is targeted towards:

  • Master data specialist, who is responsible for data quality and speed of master record creation.
  • Any department involved in the creation, change or suppression of a master data object.
  • IT administrators and IT leads, who would like to improve their end-user experience in terms of master data maintenance.
  • Enterprise and solution architects

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How DMDUX addresses the most common challenges of an SAP MDG implementation.
  • What lies behind the abbreviation DMDUX.
  • How does DMDUX work.
  • What can DMDUX achieve for your project.
  • Live demo of the framework that will change the way you think about end user experience in the context of SAP MDG.


  1. Issues related to SAP MDG implementation/operation
  2. DMDUX – Solution overview and pricing
  3. DMDUX – Details
  4. DMDUX – Architecture
  5. DMDUX – Prerequisites
  6. DMDUX – Benefits
  7. DMDUX – Live demo